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Therapeutic massage remedy is guide manipulation of sentimental frame tissues (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments) to supportan individual’s well being and well-being. There are dozens of kinds of therapeutic massage remedy strategies (also known as modalities).

Folks search therapeutic massage remedy for numerous causes  to cut back tension and nervousness, chill out muscle groups, rehabilitate accidents, scale back ache, and advertise general well being and wellness. At Northwestern, you don’t seem to be merely going to a therapeutic massage faculty  you might be finding out to be a healthcare skilled who supplies therapeutic massage remedy.

Sorts of therapeutic massage remedy

Whilst there are different types of therapeutic massage, two basic classes are:

  • Leisure therapeutic massage  sometimes called Swedish therapeutic massage; practiced in settings like spas, wellness facilities and lodges
  • Rehabilitative therapeutic massage  sometimes called deep tissue, scientific, healing or medical therapeutic massage; practiced in lots ofsettings like clinics, hospitals and chiropractic places of work